Of the roughly 400 different ingredients in the marijuana plant, having accurate  knowledge of both THC and CBD, will equip you with a good foundation. Roughly 90% of the necessary information is about the THC/CBD details.

Welcome to the new day of herbal natural healing with medical marijuana.

The following is a brief encapsulation of bare-bones information to prepare you for going forward with the essentials of marijuana science.


Firstly, CBD is the gentle giant of medical benefits, which include anti-inflammatory, analgesic, muscle relaxing, anti-seizure, anti-anxiety/depression/PTSD/insomnia effects, as well as “neuroprotective“, which includes reparative and restorative effects.

This is seen in a wide variety of well documented and accepted medical, scientific studies in all of the above mentioned conditions as well as medical benefits seen in such situations as seizures, dementia, Parkinson’s, MS, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis. Other autoimmune conditions similarly have seen remarkable healing, and improved lifestyle from taking CBD. “Worn and torn” osteoarthritic joints, and post-op scarring, including neuropathic pain from scarring or degeneration, such as diabetic or chemo-induced neuropathy seem to be remodelled and repaired over sufficient time as a result of CBD therapy; chemo patients fare much better when using CBD concurrent with chemoRx. Ongoing studies to investigate these benefits of CBD will shed more light in our near future, without a doubt. Furthermore, anecdotal relief, or ”cures” from cancers deserve such studies, in order to put any question to rest as to the accuracy and validity of various patients and their wonderful healing with this herbal, natural medicine.

All of this with the powerhouse of cannabis‘ healing agent CBD, entirely without psychoactive effects!


Secondly, THC being the other main ingredient of cannabis is well recognized as the component with psychoactive effects. Hence, impairment with driving, coordination and cognitive functions, commonly with sleep and various more prominent side effects such as dry mouth, agitation, panic, paranoia and even hallucinations are commonly a source of concern with Cannabis. Given these unpleasant, but never dangerous side effects, with some people more sensitive than others, THC needs be used with deserved care and attention. For sensitive individuals, with proper medical supervision, it is possible to build up a tolerance, again over time, to the THC in order to derive the single most important benefit, that being the “Entourage” effect. This is where the combined presence of CBD with THC gives a unique synergy, whereby they both enhance each other, giving better results as well as less side effects. For this reason, a 1:1 mix of THC/CBD, or one part of THC for every one part of CBD, will result in the “best bang for your buck“, or best results and least side effects.

Accordingly, the general principles of well prescribed marijuana include CBD for days or for topical use. This is to ensure non-impairment with daily functioning, including driving and work ability, with no psychoactive impairment. With topical use, CBD is known to get focused attention at the side of application, and a variability in the absorption and duration of CBD. The duration is dictated by the distance of application from the heart. As itemized in various scientific journals, very excellent information is encapsulated in a review article published from the European journal of internal medicine, and titled practical considerations in medical cannabis administration and dosing, by Caroline MacCallum and Ethan Russo, Dated 12 - 19, 2018. In short, where oral oil would have a duration of approximately eight hours give or take, the same oil applied to the hands or feet would have a duration of action of 18 hours from the hands administration, and 36 hours from the application to the feet. Essentially the feet being so much farther from the heart, roughly twice as far, Makes for the 18 or 36 hours duration.


Accordingly for either focused attention or for simply extended duration, topical application of CBD offers a great flexibility and customizing option for each individual.